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Truck Alignment

Our alignment and axle repair specialists boast years of experience, and you'll always get our confident 30-day guarantee on every repair and service:

Precision alignments and axle services

Specializing in camber corrections

The bigger the tire, the more important the alignment. That's why we specialize in camber corrections and proper computerized, precision alignments at Anchor Frame & Axle Inc. With exact alignment measurements and proper camber adjustment, your truck or trailer will enjoy more reliable traction, better fuel economy, and longer

tread life.

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Specialized alignment and suspension service

  • 4x4 and van alignments (bushing installations to correct camber/caster issues)

  • Three-axle tractor alignments (steer axles and tandems)

  • Tandem tracking alignments on trucks and trailers

  • Fabricated axle alignments (specialized, fabricated axle straightening)

  • Bent axle housing and trailer axle alignments

  • Twin- and triple-steer axle alignments (with new laser computerized 4-head alignment system)

  • Pusher, tag, and lift axle alignments

  • 1,000-lb to 30,000-lb axle service